Leinier Domínguez
Gran Maestro - EE.UU.
Boris Gelfand
Gran Maestro - ISRAEL
Andrey Esipenko
Gran Maestro - RUSIA
Jaime Santos
Gran Maestro - SPAIN

The Magistral de Ajedrez ”Ciudad de León”, one of the great classics of the international circuit, celebrates this year its thirty-third edition, with its traditional format with four players and a cup system with semifinals and final that has been and is imitated in many first level chess events. This system, which makes the competition much more interesting, avoids the famous and feared draws without a fight, one of the problems of competitive chess.

Three world-class players and one from the city of León who is making his way to the chess elite, will compete in July 2021 IN León. The Magistral, which is a real chess festival with multiple activities for children, fans and chess lovers from Spain and around the world, will make them enjoy first-level chess for a week. In addition to participating in competitions for all levels, they will be able to attend conferences, seminars, and meetings about the role that chess plays in sport, culture and education.