Jaime Santos

- Grand Master, SPAIN.
- Date of birth: July 3, 1996. Resident of LEÓN.
- Former student of the Jesuit School of León.
- Student of the Padre Isla León School, directed by Carlos Callejo and Marcelino Sión.

From his childhood he was the great hope of León, and today he is one of the Spaniards with the brightest future. He learned how to play with his father at age 5, and stood out very soon in the lower categories, winning local and national titles. He has been champion of Spain sub 10, sub 12, sub 14 and sub 16, and has been part of the Spanish team of young talents on numerous occasions. He has played European and world championships, getting very close to the medals several times. The last one was the European Sub-18 in 2014, where he finished fourth after leading the competition. He is the second player from León to dispute the Magistral, 18 years after Marcelino Sión did it. He has just won the XXXIX INTERNATIONAL CHESS TOURNAMENT OF SAN SEBASTIÁN. He made his debut in the XXIX edition of Magistral 2016 where he was a very strong challenger to the three times champion of the tournament :the Chinese Wei Yi, who managed to defeat him by the minimum after a hard match. He has started 2017 by winning one of the classic tournaments of the Spanish calendar, the XXXXII International Open of Seville.